"Let me entertain you": Hire a premier Entertainment Law Speaker

Does your organization engage speakers for events or conferences?

  • Then you know audiences rate conferences and events based on the quality of the speakers. 

  • More importantly, not just what the speakers say, but the quality of how they say it. 

The 3 Qualities Organizations Seek in Speakers

Organizations look for 3 qualities in a professional speaker:

  1. subject matter expertise.

  2. speaking ability.

  3. audience engagement.

What could go wrong: the curse of the bad speaker?

The wrong speaker is a bad speaker. A bad speaker can torpedo an event. 

Hiring the wrong speaker puts your organization's credibility at risk.

Hire a Dynamic & Battle-Tested Speaker

  • Passion for Entertainment Law & IP.

  • Yale-educated Law Professor & Entertainment Lawyer.

  • Dynamic presenter.

  • Music list for every presentation. 

  • Personable, highly knowledgeable speaker.

  • Extensive speaking experience. 

  • Amateur stand-up comedy champion.

Topics of Expertise:


Copyright Law/ Trademark Litigation/ Trademark Bullies/ Celebrity Image/ Hip-hop Music & Copyright/ Hollywood Idea Theft/ Motion Picture Clearance/ Entertainment Contracts/ African-American Music & Copyright/ Reality TV & Copyright


"Professor Greene is a gifted speaker with a fresh perspective. His presentation on trademark issues an ABA IP conference I co-chaired was both entertaining and informative. Our program was enriched by Professor Greene's involvement."

David H. Bernstein, Partner, Debeboise & Plimpton

New York, CA 

"Professor Greene was an invited Distinguished Speaker at our law school's annual Intellectual Property Law and Policy Conference. His presentation on the subject of copyright law was one of the highlights of this day-long event. Professor Greene's topic was both deeply scholarly and entertaining. His expertise and presentation skills were evident to the mixed audience of law students and practicing attorneys-who rated Professor Greene's presentation as one of the highlights of the conference. 

Professor William T. Gallagher, Director, IP Law Program

Golden Gate University Law School

"Professor Greene has spoken at many conferences that I have organized dealing with various areas of intellectual property. Invariably, he has been both informative and entertaining whether presenting for an expert audience, a student audience or practicing lawyers earning CLE. I recommend him highly."

Professor Steve Semararo

Thomas Jefferson School of Law, San Diego

"I had the pleasure of serving on a panel with Professor Greene in 2019 and was impressed by his fresh and insightful take on hip hop and rights of publicity. He's truly an original thinker in these areas."

Ian Slotin, Esq. Senior VP, Intellectual Property, NBC/Universal

"Professor Greene was a panelist for the Western Region of the National Black Law Students REgional Convention in 2019 and has spoken at the University of San Diego School of Law multiple times on the topics of Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law. Professor Greene is a phenomenal speaker and always presents informative and useful information in an engaging fashion."

Jilliane Jackson, JD Candidate USD Law School

"Professor Greene is a pioneering scholar at the intersection of race and intellectual property law and policy and a dynamic and engaging speaker."

Professor Ann Bartow, University of New Hampshire Law School