Expert IP/Entertainment  Case Assessment


  • Reduce Risks, Expand Opportunities: Let an Expert IP/Entertainment Professor Assess Your Case

  • Does your firm litigate IP or Entertainment Law cases?

  • Does it consume time assessing cases?

  • The Big Question: take the case or pass on the case?

The Risks of Case Assessment:


  • Missed opportunities (good cases that get missed, putting your firm's bottom line at risk).

  • Expertise gaps (lawyers can't be experts on every topic, leading to potentially incorrect assessments).

  • Time lost (inefficient time management).

The Solution:

  • Get an objective, reliable & timely expert case assessment.

  • For copyright, trademark, idea misappropriation & publicity rights cases.

  • Reduce the risk of missed opportunities. 

  • Save time.


  • Proven IP & Entertainment law expertise from Yale-educated IP/Entertainment law professor & expert witness.

  • Well-researched, unbiased & cogent case analysis.

  • An oral or written opinion.

  • Set up for an expert opinion in preparation for trial.


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